About Us

Allied Youth is a registered charitable organization in NL that uses current social and global responsibility as a vessel to teach youth leadership development, and instill what it means to be a good corporate citizen and plan for the future.

Founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a result of Dr. Poling’s strong beliefs, Allied Youth was formed in 1931 at a national conference for youth leaders.

A unique aspect of the organization is the operations structure that has been established. The program operates under the guidance of the governance board of directors that employees a Provincial Program Coordinator, who works closely with the youth executive that is elected by members from across the province. This youth executive is responsible for making the majority of the programming decisions for the organization as a whole.

Community Programming

Offering community programming in both urban and rural areas of Newfoundland and Labrador, Allied Youth works to address issues that youth face in both regions, and strives to facilitate learning opportunities and global activities.

Addressing issues such as wellness and healthy living through programming that is designed by youth gives members an opportunity to provide relevant information that can be scaled to the areas in which they work.

Another large part of Allied Youth’s programming is focused on giving back to local communities. The youth participate in community outreach opportunities to support their initiatives and goals that are set out at the beginning of the year. This allows youth to understand the value in supporting their communities, and develop their leadership skills.

The Allied Youth program has a huge impact on local communities.  With over 500 families directly involved in the programming, it provides an organic reach to several thousand households throughout the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Possibly the most remarkable characteristic of the Allied Youth conference series that we offer is they are designed by youth to meet the needs and interests of youth today. Allied Youth promotes best practices, hard work, education, sharing, and improving skills. This very spirit is the driving force behind conferences at Allied Youth, and this spirit is what has prompted us to diversify our conference selection to appeal to different groups, with varying programming from the relaxed and informal “Kickoff Conference”, to the high profile “Provincial Conference” that celebrates achievements and advancements while fostering growth and development in our newer members. In the end, the mandate of the Conference programming is to be a friendly, valuable and inspiring events that helps all delegates become better at what they do and what they plan to become in the future.