Apply to Jack Summit 2016

The Jack Summit is a mental health innovation summit for young leaders in Canada. This event is hosted by – a non-profit organization aimed at improving the landscape of mental health for Canadian youth. The summit is meant for student leaders, age 15-24 , who are involved in mental health initiatives in their schools, campuses and communities to come together and learn about ways to improve their communities through education, volunteering, combating stigma, and so on.
This year’s summit is held in Toronto, March 4-6. Students who are selected to attend will be funded for their travel and participation, upon some fundraising for the charity.
Selection to attend is competitive and the deadline is November 1st.
To learn more about how to apply, follow this link.
Our Provincial Program Coordinator, Emily, Attended the Jack Summit when it was called Unleash the Noise in 2014. If you have any questions, feel free to email her at

Note: while this event is geared at mental health advocacy, you do not need to be an individual with a mental health issue to attend. It is intended to be very hands on – networking and skill development for working on youth mental health issues in schools/on campus, rather than sharing your individual stories (although you will meet many inspiring student leaders while there!). For this reason, they recommend that students who apply currently are involved in mental health initiatives, or are hoping to start one within their community with the skills and resources they gained at the summit upon their return.