FUNdraising Idea

Fall is such a lovely time of year with all the leafs turning different colours, the slight chill in the air, and all the turkey dinners! One thing people don’t enjoy about the fall is raking their yards, though! This fall your post should do a ‘rake-a-thon’! A rake-a-thon is where you and your post walk door-to-door asking for donations and in return you guys will rake their lawn!

Here’s how:
Split your post into groups (about 3-5 per group)
Assign them a certain number of houses or a certain area of your town/city for them to walk
You will need at least one rake per group, some gloves to pick up the leaves with, garbage bags to put the leafs in, a bag to keep the donation money in, drinks for when you get tired, and a whole lot of energy to get your rake on >:).
Don’t forget to dress warm as fall can be very cold in Newfoundland!
Make sure you let them know about AY and what we are all about while you are at the door, put on a cute smile to make sure you get lots of donations 😉

-TJ Ebbeling, Eastern Youth Director