Interviewing the Provincial President …

Our summer intern Lucas met with our Provincial Executive 2019-2020 to get to know each of them! Who could our last Provincial Executive interview be with? None other than our president, Jenna Hennebury! Lucas sat down with Jenna for the FINAL interview of our 2019-2020 executive! The rest of these interviews can be found at

L: Hey Jenna! This is our last interview, welcome!
J: Thanks so much Lucas!

L: So Jenna, where are you from?
J: I’m from Lawn and I attend Holy Name of Mary Academy.

L: What Post are you a part of?
J: I am a member of Lawn Post #990

L: Love it! I had a chance to visit your Post and your school and was blown away by all the work you folks do! Such a huge Post!

L: What’s been your favorite part about AY?
J: My favorite part is the Provincial events that I get to plan and help execute. I love meeting Ayers from across the province and creating new memories with them.

L: The best! That sounds great! You must have made so many memories with all of these people! What’s been your favorite memory in AY?
J: My favorite memory comes from PE meetings all last year. When we would travel anywhere we would all have to enter on one side of the car and exit on the other. Kate and Daniel labeled us their little ducklings. It’s a funny memory that will I will never forget.

L: Hilarious! Speaking of meetings with the PE, what’s your vision for PE 2019-2020?
J: My vision is to have a hardworking and excited group of women who are ready to plan an amazing year for the members. My goal is to increase communication between the Provincial Executive and Board of Directors with the members. If we are to plan events and the board are to approve funding we need to know what the members want.

L: Jenna, if you had to give me a quote to share with the group, about what your vision is, what would you say?
J: “We can’t deliver the programming that the members want if we don’t know what they want. We need to establish a good line of communication.” – Jenna Hennebury

And there you have it folks! That’s all for our interviews with the PE! We have an exciting year planned with these women in the lead! WELCOME AND CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR PROVINCIAL EXECUTIVE 2019-2020