Allied Youth Coordinator Position Opening


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Employment Opportunity:
Provincial Programming Coordinator

About Allied Youth Newfoundland & Labrador:
An organization run by its very-own youth members, Allied Youth strives to educate youth in grades 7 through 12 on the issues they face in a fun and creative environment. Members take the lead with this knowledge and become involved in their communities and schools through their own youth-led initiatives, whether it is volunteer, information or event-based.


Purpose of the Position:
The Provincial Programming Coordinator is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the youth programming and administration of the Allied Youth organization in Newfoundland & Labrador.
This position is based in St. John’s, NL

Hours and Rate of Pay:
This position is for 40 hours/week at $15.00/hour for 42 weeks, and 15 hours/week at $15.00/ hours for 8 weeks during the summer


The Provincial Coordinator reports directly to the Allied Youth NL Board of Directors and is responsible for administering and delivering Allied Youth programming in the community. The Provincial Programming Coordinator will provide leadership in working with youth in delivering the objectives of Allied Youth NL. The positon is responsible for developing and implementing programs and activities that enhance and provide leadership skills to youth members. The Provincial Programming Coordinator will ensure that all youth enrolled in the organization have a positive experience in a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment.


Responsibilities of the Provincial Programming Coordinator :
1. Organize and coordinate activities for youth

Main activities include:
o Coordinate Provincial events including Leadership training Weekend, Provincial Leadership Kick Off Weekend, Provincial AY Week, and Provincial Conference
o Coordinate Provincial Executives meetings and training and assist in coordination of Board of Directors meetings
o Work with the Provincial Executive includes:
 Maintain regular contact with all members
 Monitor their goals and objectives
 Assist with their assigned tasks
 Schedule conference calls

2. Promote Allied Youth NL programming

Main activities include:
o Ensure all AY Posts and potential youth are aware of available activities
o Coordinate a community relations campaign to promote youth programs
o Arrange for advertising of Allied Youth NL
o Maintain contact with local, regional and provincial organizations and government partnerships for youth
o Maintain ongoing information for the Allied Youth NL Web Site
o Act as a representative of Allied Youth NL at events and meetings when required

3. Administer programming of Allied Youth NL

Main activities include:
o Prepare and maintain the programming budget in conjunction with the Board of Directors
o Prepare financial and program reports
o Record information on and prepare reports concerning youth programs, costs, numbers of participants, etc.
o Provide monthly and yearly reports about programming and future opportunities
o Ensure work with contracts regarding insurance, web site support and accounting are administered accordingly
o Work with adult volunteers involved in the program at the local level with problem resolution and to ensure adequate training and certification is completed
o Maintain regular contact with all Allied Youth posts and potential observers
o Maintain provincial membership database
o Sort and respond to telephone, mail, and email inquiries
o Work with Treasurer to ensure all invoices and receipts are actioned immediately
o Maintain storage of program materials, and past documents and archived materials

4. Research and develop programming for Allied Youth NL

Main activities include:
o Communicate with youth to determine their needs and interests
o Identify areas where new programs are needed
o Obtain opportunities for Allied Youth NL to become involved with
o Seek funding opportunities for Allied Youth NL through corporate sponsorship, fundraising and grants

5. Perform other related duties as required

Qualifications Necessary for the Position
o Post-secondary education required or an acceptable combination of education, training and/or experience
o Extensive experience working with youth ages 12-18
o Experience in planning conferences and workshops
o Excellent level of communication and organizational skills
o Self-motivated and willing to initiate recruitment, activities and projects in the best interest of Allied Youth
o Knowledge of Allied Youth would be an asset
o The capability to act as a liaison and effectively associate with other youth programs and areas of potential growth
o A strong delegation skill with ability to follow up and ensure work is completed on time
o The ability to take initiatives, work as part of a team and establish and maintain a effective working relationships
o Creative and innovative, with the capacity to motivate with respect, honesty and fairness
o Knowledge of office administration
o Computer skills including the ability to operate spreadsheet, database, word processing and website development programs at a high proficient level
o Availability for evening and weekends will be require, flexibility in hours will be necessary in peak times
o Travel will be required
o Valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle is required

To Apply:
Please submit a resume/CV and cover letter by email to
5:00 PM on Thursday, July 28th, 2016