About Us

No matter if you’re new to the program, or a seasoned veteran one of the hardest questions to answer, yet the one that comes up the most is: What Is Allied Youth?

One of the reasons we think it’s so hard for people to describe, “What AY Is”, is because AY has undergone many changes throughout its existence.

In 1931, it started in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania as a youth group fighting against the use of underage drugs & alcohol. In 1963, when AY reached Newfoundland & Labrador, the anti-alcohol and drug initiative was still the main focus of the program. Through years of growth, and modernization, in 2001 the program changed its primary focus. Instead of focusing specifically on the alcohol and drug abuse, the AY members developed and voted on 7 main points that should become the program’s outline: Leadership, Community Involvement, Positive Lifestyles, Celebrating Youth Achievement, Global Issues, Technology, and Career Development.

Over the past few years, the program’s direction has become more focused. It’s most recent purpose is described as a youth leadership group that helps youth get involved in their community while focusing on positive lifestyles, career development, and teamwork.

Community Programming

Offering community programming in both urban and rural areas of Newfoundland and Labrador, Allied Youth works to address issues that youth face, and strives to facilitate learning opportunities and global activities.

Addressing issues such as wellness and healthy living through programming that is designed by youth gives members an opportunity to provide relevant information that can be scaled to the areas in which they work.

Another large part of Allied Youth’s programming is focused on giving back to local communities. The youth participate in community outreach opportunities to support their initiatives and goals that are set out at the beginning of the year. This allows youth to understand the value in supporting their communities, and develop their leadership skills.

The Allied Youth program has a huge impact on local communities.  With over 500 families directly involved in the programming, it provides an organic reach to several thousand households throughout the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.


AY Newfoundland & Labrador prides itself on offering not only community-based projects but also several Provincial annual conferences and projects, that suit a variety of different youth and adults! Read below for some information on each of our Provincial Events, but remember the best way to learn about them is to experience them firsthand!

Provincial Conference
This one has been an Allied Youth NL Tradition since Day #1. It is the biggest and most significant conference that we host each year. It is a four-day conference hosted in the spring of each year. It is coordinated and planned by the Provincial Executive along with the Provincial Coordinator. The purposes of our Provincial Conference are:

  1. To elect a new Provincial Executive who will lead Provincial Allied Youth over the next year.
  2. To gather AY’ers from all across the Province to let them mix, socialize and have fun together!
  3. To give AY’ers the opportunity to learn about different topics through sessions, activities, and discussions.
  4. To recognize the achievements of the youth, Advisors & Posts in our organization at our Annual Awards Night.

Leadership Kick-Off Weekend

Everyone’s favorite way to start off the AY & School Year! This camp style conference is all about teamwork and making longlasting friendships. There are exciting recreational activities, interesting session topics, sporting events, and other social opportunities, that all promote leadership, teamwork and developing new skills. Unlike the other Conferences, there are no formal elections at Kick-Off. This is simply a way for everyone to have some fun and get pumped up for the upcoming AY year. Stay tuned early in September for all the permission forms and info!

Leadership Training Weekend
Our newest Provincial Event! This weekend is for Post Presidents & Post Advisor(s). It gives those local leaders a chance to kick start the year by discovering how to be an awesome President or Advisor and learning about AY’s newest activities. Leadership Training Weekend has three main purposes:

  1. To give Presidents and Advisors a chance to get to know each other better, so they can rely on each other throughout the year–since they’ll be doing the same job!
  2. To teach them a little bit about running a Post and the role that they’re in.
  3. To reward them for all the work they’ve promised for their Post over the next year!

If you have any further question about Allied Youth, please feel free to reach out to us at contact@alliedyouth.ca