COVID-19 Policy

Allied Youth Newfoundland & Labrador COVID-19 Pandemic Policy

The purpose of this policy is to guide our membership and volunteers on how they may proceed with programming in a safe and protected manner during the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic.


The Board of Directors has the ultimate authority and responsibility of all policies stated below. They may delegate the enforcement of any policy to specific or additional persons using their discretion. These specifics will be stated along with the policy. All policy decisions have been guided by information and recommendations provided by Government and Public Health Agencies. This policy is subject to change as deviations are made by the appropriate authorities mentioned above and will be modified to reflect those changes immediately.


The health and safety of our members is of the utmost importance and priority. The following guidelines have been adopted as policies to be followed when participating in any and all Allied Youth Newfoundland and Labrador events and activities.

• A face mask or face shield must be worn at all times by all delegates attending all in-person activities and events, including guest speakers.

• Delegates are encouraged to bring their own face mask or face shield to all in-person activities. Every effort will be made to ensure that a small supply of masks may be available at the event. For Post-level events (i.e. meetings, community projects, etc.), it will be the responsibility of the Post to make every effort to have a small supply of masks available and members should contact their Post prior to the event regarding availability.

• Hand sanitizer and/or access to soap and running water will be made available at all in-person provincial-level events. We encourage delegates to carry their own hand sanitizer where possible, respecting scent-safe guidelines. Hand sanitizer may not be available at all Post-level events (i.e. meetings, community projects, etc).

• Social distancing measures as outlined by government and public health agencies must be adhered to during all activities.

• Participation in all activities and events associated with Allied Youth NL, both in-person and via virtual or remote platforms, are at the individual’s own risk.

• The in-person event coordinator (i.e. Post Advisor or Board of Directors Member in charge) is responsible for administering the screening questionnaire prior to attendance at the event.

• The screening questionnaire is available on our website and is mandatory to complete prior to attending an in-person Provincial level event. Please contact the in-person event coordinator for all Post level events as they will administer the questionnaire in their own manner under the direction of Provincial Allied Youth.

Allied Youth NL COVID-19 Policy