AY Week

The purpose of AY Week is to encourage every Post to be active in their communities and schools and bring celebration of the AY program throughout the province. Each year, every Post is encouraged to continue to make a strong impact in the very place they live throughout this week. AY Week traditionally entails a community project called the Fill ‘Er Up Challenge, educational workshops, and some other requirements that Posts are asked to try to meet. All the while promoting AY to the max wherever they are! 

This years theme will be “Celebrating Our Communities” 

Posts are asked to complete three (3) of the following six (6) activities:

  1. Proclamation Signing with your Municipal Council (Virtual or In-Person)
    • Reach out to your local municipal council to arrange for a proclamation signing in your community! 
    • *2023 Proclamation Form
  2. Fill ‘Er Up Challenge
    • Posts are asked to organize a collection/drive of donatable items, some ideas include: clothing, non-perishable food items, or children’s books
    • Once you have collected your items, we ask that you fill up an item in your community that you feel represents you well! In the past we’ve had Posts fill up a dory, the bucket of a tractor, even the GTO from Republic of Doyle
  3. Participate in an Education Session
    • This year the Provincial Executive will host an education session for all members to attend. If your Post is unable to attend, we ask you to host your own on a topic important to your members. 
    • The Provincial Executive will host an online education session on Wednesday, February 8th at 7PM, we are excited to welcome BLMNL (Black Lives Matter NL)
  4. Host a Multi-Post Social (in-person or virtual)
    • Don’t wait for the next provincial event to see your fellow AY’ers, host a multi-post social to reconnect and build excitement for the 60th Provincial Conference
    • The event may be hosted in person or virtually 
  5. Volunteer with Another Local Organization
    • Team up with another local organization in your community, this could include helping your school with a recycling blitz or playing cards with a local seniors living home.
  6. AY Week BINGO
    • “The next game will be played on the orange coloured card and we will be playing for a FULL card” -Goulds Drive-In Bingo Caller
    • To help create engagement and fun, the Provincial Executive has created AY Week Bingo! Download your BINGO card here and complete it during AY Week. 
    • All completed BINGO cards will be entered in for the chance to win a Pizza Party!
    • Submissions are due February 28th, 2023

All events must be completed by February 28th, 2023, they do not HAVE to be completed during AY Week.

AY Week 2020 Highlights

Placentia Post #1182

  • Proclamation signing with the Mayor of the Town of Placentia
  • Fill ‘Er Up Challenge
    • AY’ers from Placentia collected breakfast food items for the school breakfast program which will benefit their students to ensure they have a nutritious breakfast every day before school. They filled up a school locker!
  • Life Skills Education Workshop
    • Placentia Post participated in a “Frugal Foodies” workshop where they learned how to shop smart on a budget and how to buy affordable and healthy food.

Lawn Post #990

  • Proclamation signing with the Mayor of the Town of Lawn
  • Fill ‘Er Up Challenge
    • AY’ers from Lawn collected food items from their community members and filled up a food warmer! Proceeds were donated to the local community food bank.
  • Life Skills Education Workshop
    • AY’ers participated in a meditation workshop hosted by a teacher in their school, Holy Name of Mary Academy. They are totally zen!

Grand Falls-Windsor Post #1017

  • Proclamation signing with the Mayor of the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor
  • Fill ‘Er Up Challenge
    • GFW members collected books and board games in support of the Y2C. The items donated helped get the book club off the ground and will be available to youth of all ages to enjoy. The items collected were used to fill up a Post Advisor’s car before being donated, they called it “Jam the Ram”.
  • Life Skills Education Workshop
    • GFW AY’ers blew this out of the water as they hosted 4 life skills workshops throughout the week. First, their Post Vice President hosted a swimming lesson, AY’ers learned diving tips and general swimming tips and tricks. Second, AY’ers participated in a homemade pizza cooking workshop, members made thier own pizzas from scratch. Third, a fellow youth member hosted a Jujitsu workshop where AY’ers learned about self defence. Finally, their local Provincial Executive member taught AY’ers how to fold laundry and the dreaded fitted sheet! 

St. Kevin’s Community Post #1181

  • Proclamation signing with the Mayor of the City of St. John’s
  • Fill ‘Er Up Challenge
    • St. Kevin’s members collected used and new books and made a donations of over 200 books to the Single Parent Association of NL. Before making the donation they filled up a book shelf!
  • Life Skills Education Workshop
    • Food preparation and smart grocery shopping is an essential life skill. St. Kevin’s members were given a grocery shopping budget, made up a list, went to the store to buy ingredients, and cooked up their own meal! They made tacos and prepared it themselves for their Post members and Advisors. 

Crescent Community Post #1163

  • Proclamation signing with the School Principal of Crescent Collegiate
  • Fill ‘Er Up Challenge
    • Crescent members collected a “Tub of Tampons” and were then donated to the United Way of Newfoundland, they will be used to aid those in need of feminine hygiene products. 
  • Life Skills Education Workshop
    • AY’ers partook in a “Surviving the Wilderness” workshop where leaders taught members important survival skills. 

Torbay Post #1051

  • Proclamation signing with the Mayor of the Town of Torbay
  • Fill ‘Er Up Challenge
    • AY members went out into the community and collected non-perishable food items in support of the North East Avalon Food Bank. The community was very supportive, and to top it off they filled up Walter Hammond’s van! Walter has been an outstanding volunteer of the AY program for over 20 years, Torbay members know he is a pillar in the AY and Torbay community, so it was fitting they fill his van with a donation. 
  • Life Skills Education Workshop
    • AY’ers were taught how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich during a general meeting. To their surprise, many youth had never made one before!