Provincial Conference

This is a fun annual four-day conference that takes place in a hotel setting during mid-April. The Provincial Conference has several purposes:

  • To elect a new Provincial Executive who will lead Allied Youth’s provincial programming over the next year.
  • To recognize the achievements of the youth, Post Advisors, and Posts at our annual banquet.
  • To give Allied Youth members the opportunity to learn about different topics and enhance their skills as leaders through education sessions, activities, keynote speakers, and discussions.
  • To let Allied Youth members socialize and meet like-minded youth from across the province.
  • To expose members to a democratic election process, allowing them to participate in an election campaign by running as a candidate, being a voting delegate for a Post (gathers information and votes on behalf of the Post) or taking part in voting discussion within your Post.

The conference is planned by the Provincial Executive under the guidance of the Provincial Coordinator. There is one adult supervisor per ten youth.


Provincial Conference 2019
St. John’s, NL
Outing at The Rooms