Leadership Training Weekend

The general goals of Leadership Training Weekend (LTW) are:

  • Provide general training on Allied Youth knowledge and mandate
  • Provide specialized training that deals with material that will help Posts succeed throughout the year.
  • Create a network between the leaders of Allied Youth Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Thank the leaders for the hard work and energy that they will be contributing to Allied Youth Newfoundland and Labrador in the forthcoming year.

Leadership Training Weekend will be hosted in September each year.

The Board of Directors and the Provincial Program Coordinator will decide on the location of the event based on feasibility and program needs.

The Board of Directors and Provincial Program Coordinator  aim to have Leadership Training Weekend information released shortly after school ends in June of the event year

Leadership Training Weekend is mandatory for all Post Presidents.  In the event that Posts would like to send additional executive members, they must seek approval from the Provincial Program Coordinator based on logistics.

All delegates must be paid, registered members with the Provincial Office

One Post Advisor per Post is permitted to attend, and are strongly encouraged to do so. Additional Post Advisors may be allowed to attend for a registration fee if logistics permit.